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Service center

              Many times people call us thinking they have a problem with their sunroof,
                          when actually they just didn't understand the principals of the product.
                          Most drivers are fully capable of correcting the problem on their own. 

                          So let's get aquainted with some terminology !

             Manual and spoiler sunroofs rely on COMPRESSION to seal out the water.  Dirt or
                          other foreign objects between the glass and gasket, or a  loose  handle or hinge
                          will all hamper a tight fit.  You can avoid problems by checking  these periodically. 

                          Did you know that vaselene petroleum jelly will penetrate and soften the neoprene
                          or rubber gaskets,  just as hand lotion softens your skin to keep it from cracking?
                          A thin application once a year will do wonders for endurance to the elements.

             Power Moonroof tilts up to vent but also drops down through the opening in order to
                          receed into the roof , so there's no way to seal by compression . 
                          For this reason, DRAIN TUBES have been incorporated into this module.

                          Below is an important  tip from the sunroof industry, that has never been mentioned
                          in any auotomobile manufacturers owners manuals: 

                          As people drive their cars they enjoy the ride more with the sunroof wide open! 
                          Well before long, road dust covers the entire car including the open sunroof tracks.

                          Of course we close the sunroof to wash the car, but who cleans those dusty rails?
                          After several years that dirt can build up and restrict the glass from travelling
                          smoothly back and forth, putting unnecessary strain on the cables and motor.

                          You can help by simply opening the glass all the way, cleaning  the tracks with 
                          a soft rag, then applying  a liberal amount of petroleum jelly as lubrication.

                          These simple and inexpensive tips will give you many years of troublefree
                          driving pleasure. We all live in California because of the mild climate, and you will
                          enjoy it even more through your automotive sunroof products.

       A little about us.......

             Started as T-Tops Unlimited in 1982 this company installed T-tops in Cameros & 
                    Firebirds, Mustangs and others as well as early edition sunroof products. 
             The buisness was aquired in 1985 by present the owner Glen Boyd, and  the name 
                    changed to T-Top Sun-limited in 1988. 
             The 1990's saw the end of the T-top era, but with the addition of a new venue...
                     restoration of antique Coca Cola machines a new buisness name was needed.
                     In 1999 we became..........  Ideal Sunroof & Soda.
              Performing all installations and restorations with the same  particular attention
                     to detail has kept new car dealers and their customers and ours pleased for over
                     25 years.    
We have been in our present location for over 15 years, so p
lease feel free to visit our
                     showroom and see our complete line of sunroofs and antique Coke machines on 

               And while you're here..."have a Coke" on us !

 Ideal Sunroof & Soda                  805 643-8867
          1960 E. Thompson Blvd
          Ventura California 93001
Installation and Service center


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